Bae All Day: Honey Gold

Honey Gold- @HoneyGoldxx

Today our Bae All Day is the lovely Honey Gold, model and adult actress blowing up the Instagram game.

When did you know you wanted to become an adult actress and when did it actually happen for you?

I honestly never in a million years thought I’d want to be an adult actress! I would definitely say that nude and fetish modeling as well as being exposed to the adult industry for some time definitely helped finalize my decision. I found nude and fetish modeling to be exhilarating and empowering so it’s only natural I transitioned into something bigger!
I didn’t actually pursue entering the adult industry until this year! I spoke to my agent Mark Spiegler in December after attending the AVN Nominations party and next thing I know, I’m being introduced as the new Spiegler Girl during the AVN Awards week which was in January of this year.

What type of a men do you normally date and have you dated any male adult actors?

I normally enjoy dating guys with a great personality. I definitely believe that personality is more important than looks. I also love guys who willing to do the laundry or fix a leak. I am a very independent individual and I’ve grown up taking on both traditional female and male roles.
I’ve only dated one adult actor who I’m currently with.
I am currently taken by Donny Sins who is actually a performer as well! We’ve been together for a year now which has been incredibly exciting!

Do you watch your own films? If so, which one is your favorite?

I don’t actually watch my full films! I enjoy watching little clips as well as previews and highlights. It’s weird but I can’t even stand listening to myself on my own voicemail! I’m only 6 scenes in so I’m very new in the industry. So far only one of my scenes has been released on Burning Angel’s website. I shot my very first scene with their company and got featured in their “My First Time” series with male taken Small Hands. Since this is the only film I’ve seen so far I’m going to say it’s my absolute favorite!

What’s one thing you are super passionate about that most people don’t know?

I’m passionate about fitness and health! I used to be 180lbs and was very unhealthy for my height and age. I discovered a love for healthy eating, nutrition, and moderation on my weightless journey which naturally transitioned into a lifestyle change. I’m also passionate about raising eating disorder awareness and self harm. I grew up self harming and developed an eating disorder which almost took my life. I’m passionate about spreading awareness as well as mentoring young females and males who struggle with these issues.

What’s your #1 turn off? What’s your number one turn on?

My number one turn off would definitely be males or females who neglect their feet! Our feet are extremely important and it’s crucial that we make sure they’re moisturized and presentable!
My number one turn on is a guy who knows how to be sensual and dominant. It’s easy to be rough and dominant but adding sensuality and seduction to the mix is an overwhelming wave of ecstasy (in a good way!)

Who’s Instagram Story are you watching right now?

Riley Reid has the best Instagram story! She has such a great free spirited personality and her story reflects that! Her story is fun, uplifting, and absolutely breathtaking!

What’s next for you? What are you hoping to accomplish next?

I’m hoping that as my career grows I can one day win a coveted AVN award! I also hope to start a nonprofit organization for youth suffering from depression, self harm, and more! It’s been one of my goals since I was 11 years old and I’m determined to make it a dream come true. Aside from that I’m going with the flow right now and discovering new passions that will lead to future business endeavors so stayed tuned for what’s next! I’ve got a good head on my shoulders and am no stranger to being an entrepreneur so who knows where life will take me!