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Bae All Day: Nessa Varez

Nessa Varez- @nessa_varez

Today our Bae All Day is Nessa Varez, an actress, model, and social media whiz girl born in Spain and how repping it stateside.

Since acting comes natural to you, if you could be on any television show today what would you be on and why?

I love so many TV shows which makes it really hard for me to answer this question. But generally I would love to be on any comedy TV show because I just love to make people laugh. I can totally see myself in a TV shows like Modern Family. I love Sophia Vergara, she is funny, beautiful and has an accent as well as I do LOL

Being from Switzerland via Spain, what are some of the cultural differences you’ve experienced living in America and where do you see yourself thriving as a permanent resident?

There are many cultural differences. I could speak about it for days LOL Let me think about some major ones….For example:
- We have different manners then you guys which makes us perceived as very proper
- Americans are more open to talk to strangers which makes you guys very friendly compared to where im from
- Americans have a way bigger personal space which I am sure most American are not even aware of
- We are more straight forward and come quicker to the point which makes us sometimes perceived as rude

It takes time to adapt to the American culture but I love America and I am very lucky and happy to be here. I see myself as a habitant of the world and I love to travel and experience different cultures therefore I don’t know where I am going to be a permanent residence. I’ll say where ever life wants me to be I’ll be 🙂

On typical date, are you headed to dinner and a movie type or staying in to Netflix and chill?

I am totally the Netflix and chill type and I am not talking about that kinda “chill” LOL I am just totally a home buddy and I love to be comfy.

Single or taken? Who is your celebrity crush?

I am single - no one wants to be with Nessa 🙁 I’m just kidding, I love to be single at the moment and focusing on myself and my career. My celebrity crush right now is probably *thinks for a long time* I have always crushed on Will Smith and Ryan Gosling.

What’s your #1 turn off?

Bad hygiene. If a guys or really anyone has a bad smell or bad breath I am totally turned off no matter how cute you may be.

What’s your number one turn on?

A man who knows what he wants and goes after it is very sexy to me.

Who has the best Instagram story you’re watching right now?

My own LOL.

What future plans are in the works coming up next for you?

I wanna keep working on my craft and creating content.  I wanna work on bigger projects that go way beyond Social Media and I wanna create longer content for other digital platforms or TV. Right now I am also working on my web series so stay tuned for that.


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