Bae Of The Day: Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow - @tammyhembrow

This bronzed bootylicious bae is another a fitness inspiration - she admits that her transformation into the booty goddess (that she is now known for) has been quite the journey.

Tammy is soon to be a young mother of two and still keeps her extremely taught and fit physical frame - she tells fans, however, that this is all because of hard work and dedication. Nice to know that you’re down-to-earth bae!

Our Bae of the Day went from being a regular “Instagramer” to having a 2.9 million following and  being a sponsored influencer. Talk about entrepreneur goals!

See more photos of this gorgeous bae below - we suggest you head over to her Instagram page because we couldn’t fit enough photos to do her justice!


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