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‘Carmilla’ Is Getting The Silver Screen Treatment And We Love It

Cult web series Carmilla is heading to the silver screen!

Carmilla stars Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis as Laura and Carmilla, respectively, the second of whom has vampiric ancestry. The two friends have settled in Toronto, but amidst supernatural twists and turns that they can no longer deny, they decide to take on an unknown rival!

Production on the movie has started, following the initial announcement last October. Shaftesbury properties and Smokebomb Entertainment have teamed up to produce the film. Chairman and CEO of Shaftesbury, Christina Jennings says: “We are in the unique position of producing a feature film with a massive built-in and ever-growing fan base.”

That fan base is also known as the “Creampuffs,” and they share a passion for the show that is truly inspiring. The Carmilla series first launched in 2014 and is sponsored by a feminine hygiene brand, U by Kotex. More than 100 episodes have been produced, and fans bring in 69 million total views.

Check out the trailer below!

We know “Creampuffs” will flock to the movie upon arrival, and if they, or you can’t wait, VHX will have it available for pre-order for $9.99.


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