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Connor Franta Is A New York Times Bestselling Author, Again!

Connor Franta is a New York Times Best Seller…AGAIN! Note to Self, the YouTuber’s latest book, was published on April 18, 2017. The novel debuted at #8 on the New York Times Best Sellers’ List and now, it’s sitting comfortably at #3!

connor franta

via New York Times

Though it wasn’t the YouTuber’s first time as a New York Times best seller, (Connor’s 2015 memoir A Work In Progress sold 140,000-plus copies and 16 weeks on the list) Connor wasn’t shy about showing his support. Especially to his UK fans, where the book is currently #1.


Need to catch up?

Connor released a trailer for Note to Self back in January:

To quote the 24-year-old YouTuber himself, “I poured my heart and soul
into every inch of this book. Through essays, thoughts, stories, poetry, and
photography, I share a part of me I rarely show to.. well, anyone. I’m not going
to lie, it’s a very emotional read, and manages to fill a spectrum of colors. But,
you know, I think that’s exactly why you’ll fall in love with it. ”


Fans have been showing their love for the book on Twitter.



What’s next for Connor?

Connor announced that he’s going on tour for his latest book this Friday. BUT it sounds like it will be a pretty unique experience. According to the video he released on Twitter, the tour will take place in the form of a “moving museum. We literally bought a semi-truck.”


Have no fear: the tour will also include a keynote address and meet and greet. See you soon, Connor!


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