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A Look Back At The Apps That Didn't Make The Cut

As creative as our modern world has become, there are always flops. Not everything succeeds in the dog eat dog world of social media. Of course creativity and innovation is highly encouraged, but sometimes things get lost in the quest for app glory.

Here are some apps that you may, but probably have not ever heard of:


Okay so we’ll admit this is probably the one app on this list that you’re familiar with. In it’s hey day, Myspace was the innovative creation for the social media era. It launched in 2003 and was bringing in some serious cash. It peaked in 2008 at 79.5 million users a month, generating $800 million. But then Facebook came along…need we say more?

One thing Myspace always did have, was a keen eye for music. The site has since been rebranded as a music company to help rising musicians get discovered.


Peach was founded by the same man who founded Vine. That’s a good start…the app was basically messaging in variety; photos and GIFs included. The app sparked like a firework, peaking at #85 on Apple’s downloads, but it died just like a firework, and two days later it was gone.

Well, you can still technically download it. Although it was last updated in July of 2016. Don’t ask any questions about it though, a Peach spokesperson stated “we’re not giving any interviews regarding Peach at the moment.” Interesting…


Probably one of the most useless apps in the world of useless apps, the founder admitted the concept was indeed “stupid.” Somehow, the app managed to raise $1 million in funding, and it went viral. What was the app? Users would send the word “Yo” to another user, and then those users would respond with…”Yo.” THAT WAS IT.

Since that time, Yo has modified its’ app to include more than a yo. Yo’s CEO says they’re in it for the long run. We’ll see about that.


Ello was actually a very cool concept. The app was an ad-free, art-first social network advertised as a sort of anti-Facebook space. It launched in 2014 and was invite-only, earning 31,000 new sign ups per hour. Ello raised $11 million in funding due to all the viral buzz…and then it just kind of went away.

No one takes on Facebook.

Ello tried to make a comeback via mobile, but it wasn’t the same. You can still download the app, although we’re not sure why you would. Besides, you need an invite.



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