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Exclusive Interview With Amra Olevic AKA Amrezy!

We got the opportunity to ask Amrezy all the beauty questions you’re probably dying to get answers to! Check out our exclusive interview with Amra Olevic and get to know the beauty guru with a fabulous IG!

1. Tell us about your beginnings as a makeup artist!

- I started off working in Sephora. I learned a lot about makeup products, was a great beginner point. I worked at Sephora for about a year and a half. Then I got hired as a freelancer at Mac; was there for a while. AFter leaving Mac I started freelancing. I got a lot of my client through Instagram actually.

2. What’s one makeup item you absolutely cannot live without?

- Highlighter!

3. Any plans to restart your blog?

- Unfortunately no, it was really time consuming and I couldn’t fully commit.

4. Who is one makeup guru you’d love to collab with?

- Mario Dedivanovic

5. How has social media affected your career?

- It’s changed my life completely. To not only have so much influence while also being so successful for doing what I love is a dream come true.

6. If you weren’t a makeup artist, what other career would you pursue?

- Something that lets me investigate!

7. Your IG is full of bright colors! What color do you love wearing most?

- Pink!

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8. What sets the Amrezy Collection apart from others?

- My lip colors are dear to me, I picked shades I love most and the names were sentimental and personal. They were made with passion.

9. Do you have any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

- I do! But I can’t share too much, just know it will be epic!

10. Tell us something your fans may not know about you!

- I was in drama class in middle school, and I did dance performances for my school!