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We Got Some EXCLUSIVE Looks At Social Media Week LA

Social Media Week just happened in Los Angeles and we’ve got some exclusive coverage from all that went down.


The conference brings together some of the leading forces within the social media field in an effort to showcase the ways in which such platforms are redefining business and culture.

Among some of the attendees were Kelly Osbourne, OK Go and Ashly Perez, all of which come from different enough backgrounds career wise to bring a unique aspect to the effect of social media.

Sometimes we don’t realize just how important social media is in its effect, whether it be good or bad, on a business or artist.

OK Go is the perfect example of this, because even after their musical success, most people still think of them in association with their viral music video to ‘Here It Goes Again’. The viral nature of this particular video is, arguably, the reason they reached the level of stardom that they did.

Kelly Osbourne was another speaker who brought up the varying aspects and levels that go into using social media as an asset to ones career.

The list of speakers went on, covering other platforms such as Live.me, as well as diving further into Forbes and their 30 under 30 list.

Thank you so much Social Media Week for having us! We had so much fun listening to what everyone had to say.

Check out some of our exclusive pictures from the event below!


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