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Gabi DeMartino Is Bringing Scream Queens Back From The Dead


This week, the CW announced that Scream Queens would not be coming back for a season three. That’s right: the campy, scary series that gave us Chanel Oberlin is dead. After a successful breakout season one, the season two ratings just did not compare.

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The network also commented on how they thought the Scream Queens “story” was finished:

“Scream Queens was an anthological series,” said FOX CEO Gary Newman. “It feels as if it was a complete story. We have no plans at this point to go back there and tell more stories.”

While many fans voiced their dissatisfaction with the show’s cancellation, few were as upset as YouTuber Gabi DeMartino, the other half of the wildly popular vlogging duo Niki and Gabi.

Long Live The “Queens”

If you’re a fan of Gabi and her twin sister, you know that she has always been a major fan of the show. Usually, when a show is canceled, fans have one of two options: pray a streaming site like Hulu or Netflix saves it from extinction or just…move on. Well, Gabi is no normal fan. On May 15th  she decided to test the waters on Twitter to see whether or not her followers had any interest in her creating a Scream Queens spinoff of her own.

And the rest is history.

Introducing…Blood Queens

After receiving so much positive feedback, Gabi announced that she will be creating, writing, and starring in her own unofficial third season of Scream Queens, appropriately named Blood Queens.

Why does Gabi think she’s up for the challenge? “I took a lot of writing courses while I was in college,” DeMartino tells Tubefilter. “I was honestly going to hire someone to do the writing for the show, but I am so specific at times, and when I have a vision I can become a control freak.”

Check out the announcement in full detail on Gabi’s vlog channel, below. (She starts talking about Blood Queens around the 3-minute mark.)

How will Blood Queens be different from Scream Queens?

According to the girls, they’ve already got the new premise locked down. The show will take place in an old hotel that was remodeled into an apartment complex. A famous socialite is murdered by a killer clown, and suddenly everyone becomes locked inside. New characters will be killed off in each episode, while DeMartino and friends attempt to unmask the killer. Fellow social media stars like Allie Bennicas and Nashaly Torres will co-star.

Will you be watching Blood Queens?! Let us know in the comments!


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