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‘GoldieBlox’ Aims to Intro Young Girls to STEM

GoldieBlox may have the most simple definition of engineer on the planet- “it means I can make stuff, do stuff,” she says at the top of her new series ‘Hack Along,’ and maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Debbie Sterling helped to create Goldie in conjunction with the toy company GoldieBlox. “When I created Goldie, I wanted her to be relatable and real to young girls to remove the intimidation factor that is often associated with STEM,” said Sterling, Creating a strong role model for girls in STEM was important and something that didn’t exist in children’s entertainment. With the launch of this series, I’m excited to see Goldie come to life on screen and inspire the next generation of makers and engineers.”

GoldieBlox is raking in the views with her efforts to re-frame DIY in the world of engineering. With such abysmal numbers of young girls looking towards a career in engineering, GoldieBlox is an admirable effort to put a role model on the web.

If you’re under twelve, the series is a great and worthy watch!


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