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New IndieCade Offerings At E3 With Sam Gustman

For E3 this year, IndieCade brought a slew of amazing new games to the convention and many of them shared the common theme of our current political environment. We caught up with founder Sam Cade during the event to learn more about their latest titles.

IndieCade has been attending E3 for the past 10 years and are proud to showcase the independent diverse content they do so well. They have virtual reality offerings, immersive interactive experiences, mobile games, computer titles, and much more. Sam told us ,”we want to share all the new crazy stuff that people don’t think of when they think of games.”

The independent gaming company fills the niche for gamers looking for more than a first person shooter experience because gaming spans such a wide variety of landscape, including traditional boardgames. Some of the IndieCade standout titles this year include:

O For Oppression - made at #ResistJam where the developer created it around the #Resist political movement with a late-90s visual experience that forces you down a road of meditating on oppression.

Borders - 2D arcade style game about trying to illegally cross the border into the U.S.

RIOT - a riot simulator where the player can chose to participate either as a cop or a rioter.

Tracking Ida - an alternate reality game to teach political activism in the classroom and featuring the historical story of Ida B. Wells where players are given a trunk containing puzzles that have to be investigated.


On the topic of politically charged game, Sam said: “We are suddenly at this point where there are young people who grew up in the medium. They have a level of literacy that lets them think about expressing themselves in the medium,” Sam said regarding the politically slanted themes, “if you’re 24 and you’re having a personally meaningful experience and you want to communicate it, 20 years ago you might have gone to film school or gotten a camera… Now (their) impulse is to go to their computer and try to make a game.”





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