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Which Influencers Stepped Out For Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Launch?

Based off of the initial reaction from Influencers and the general public, Rihanna has pretty much set a precedent for the most inclusive makeup brand to have been launched recently.

We truly expect nothing less from her, because after all, Rihanna is a queen who is not meant to be fucked with, and there was simply no way she was gonna release a line of makeup that was less than that.

Still, these reactions are better than anyone could have imagined.

Alissa was one who was especially helpful during the launch because she was on Snapchat showing all her fans the different swatches in an effort to reinforce just how diverse the collection really is.

Other beauty gurus were in attendance for the launch as well, but some simply stayed by their computers waiting to get their hands on products before they sold out.

And then there was James Charles who likely got too excited (understandably) and did some rogue clicking.

All in all, it looked like a successful launch and we can’t wait to test out Fenty Beauty for ourselves!