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Jacob Sartorius Continues To Floor Us With His Profound Twitter Skills

Let’s talk about Jacob Sartorius and the wisdom that pours from his Twitter feed for just a second, shall we?

Of all the twitter feeds in the world- and we’ve seen quite a few- not many have baffled, inspired and amazed us as much as Jacob Sartorius’.

We don’t even know where to start when it comes to explaining why it has this effect. Maybe it’s because of his profound and worldly observations, or maybe it’s the eternal struggle he seems to have between making the decision to get a girlfriend, or eat food.

We just don’t know, but we’re gonna leave it up to you guys to decide.

Here are some of our favorite gems we’ve found in the past month on Jacob Sartorius’ Twitter feed.

1. When he dropped some DIY self esteem we weren’t ready for.

2. This iconic ‘this is why we don’t have nice things’ moment of clarity.

3. When he showed up with reverse psychology tactics.

4. This stunning moment of science.

5. This curious yet obviously logical order of thoughts.

6. This wild moment when his followers had to decode which one of them this was meant for specifically.

7. And once again…

8. When he stated the infallible rules of friendships and lunch.

Now here’s where it starts to get especially baffling…

9. Alright…it seems he’s found someone…but she’s asleep?

10. But this is the immediate follow up tweet showing some trouble in paradise. Although maybe there was no specific babe? Is this all a metaphorical illusion of desire?

11. When he had an appreciation for himself amongst all others.

12. The hard to talk about struggle between picking between a relationship and food.

13. And finally, the moment when he feared his tweets so powerful, they would wake you from your slumber.

Honestly, from the bottom of our hearts, we hope he never stops tweeting.