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KSI & Casper Lee’s “Laid In America” Is Changing The Industry

The Fun Group’s latest production Laid In America premieres in the U.K. on September 26 and in the U.S. on September 27 via digital download. Its Blu-ray/DVD release will be the same day in the U.K, and North America’s release will follow shortly after on October 4. The film, which stars MAJOR influencers KSI and Caspar Lee, is about to change how the Entertainment Industry looks at ways to distribute content.

Laid in America follows to foreign exchange students (KSI and Lee) as they embark on a journey to score with a couple of ladies their last night in the USA. Sure, the film isn’t so incredibly original that we’re thinking Oscar noms or anything, but when we say those two stars are MAJOR influencers, we mean they are fucking huge.

To put into perspective, KSI has 14.4 million subscribers alone and boasts over 2.8 BILLION total video views. Yeah. Billion. Caspar Lee currently has over 6.5 million subscribers and more than 650 million views. Together, the two have a combined 3.4 billion views.

While perhaps a couple of years ago Hollywood actors scoffed at the idea of “social media stars” stealing their roles, this latest production will have any remaining doubters scrambling to their Instagram and Twitter accounts to gain more followers ASAP. Film execs want one thing and one thing only: World Peace. Just kidding. They want money. Cold, hard cash. The kind you can fold and put into a Gucci wallet after tipping the valet for not scratching your Lambo. 

If just 1% of KSI’s and Caspar Lee’s fan base purchase this film, that’s an instant $5 million in revenue. Then, you can add in people who aren’t subscribers but who enjoy staying in and renting or buying a comedy on a Friday night. Basically, by casting two of the Internet’s biggest stars, execs knew they’d easily get their money’s worth and more.

While direct-to-video/streaming is nothing new, this approach to film distribution is part of a trend which is changing the way a new generation of audiences consumes content.

What do you guys think? Hot or not!?


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