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The LA Wind Has Twitter Preparing For The Apocalypse

In case you haven’t been forced to make small talk with a stranger lately, it’s a little bit windy out.


The LA wind, better known as the end of times, has everyone on Twitter praying, hiding in their homes, and asking the hard questions about weather .

Twitter users have kept the #LAwind tag alive over the past week, taking every opportunity that arises with each new gust to discuss the trials and tribulations the weather is bringing.

Some are poking fun at residents in sunny Los Angeles and their fear of general weather change, while others are really nailing the current conditions with some excellent gif usage.

We’ve been compiling some of our favorite Twitter responses to what may or may not be the apocalypse or the beginning of The Wizard Of Oz, the jury is still out on exactly which one it is yet.

In all seriousness though, it is windy, we can 100% agree on that. We hope that everyone is staying safe and that no trees or power lines have caused any injuries. A lot of people have lost power at various points and we all know how much that sucks, no matter how big or small the reason for it may be.

So like we said, stay safe, be aware, and if anything, use the #LAwind as an excuse to get together that end of times survival backpack you’ve probably been secretly wanting to make ever since 2012.


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