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Let’s make a toast! YouTube Star Mamrie Hart Just Announced Her Second Book

Anyone thirsty out there?

We don’t know about you, but Mamrie Hart’s latest announcement has got the Trending All Day team wanting to pop a bottle in celebration. If you aren’t familiar with Mamrie aka Grace Helbig’s BFF aka the most hilarious mixologist on YouTube then you need to get familiar fast. This week Mamrie announced her second book, titled I’ve Got This Round and we can’t wait to get out hands on it.

I’ve Got This Round will serve as a follow up to Hart’s first book, aptly named You Deserve A Drink (her YouTube show shares the same title.) Much like her cocktail concoctions, however, Mamrie’s mixing it up this time. While You Deserve A Drink detailed hilarious stories from her past, all the stories in her latest book happened after her first literary effort was published.

Mamrie released a video on Wednesday on her YouTube channel which gave more details about the project. According to her, this book will go “a little more personal than anything I’ve ever written.”

Considering the huge success of You Deserve A Drink, we anticipate huge sales numbers for “Round.” And honestly, we’re surprised Mamrie’s even had the time to write given how busy the rest of her schedule is. In the past few years she’s had the opportunity to work both behind and in front of the camera — real cameras — starring in films like Dirty 30 and soaking up directing opportunities. Yeah, girl’s been busy.

Keep the drinks flowing…

While Mamrie says she’s “got this round,” we’ve got a while until we can get our hands on it: the book won’t be available until February 2018. BUT it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon for a low price of $11.99, which means you can afford to grab a bottle of wine to go with it.


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