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Musical.ly Will Now Have Their Own Short Form Content

Musical.ly just further joined the ranks of other streaming and social media platforms by signing on to add short form original content.


The app already seemed to be heading in that direction when they announced a few months ago that they were officially going to revive MTV’s old school hit, My Super Sweet 16.

Still, we didn’t expect them to partner with other channels as a means to become a full blown competitor in the streaming platform industry. We guess you can’t underestimate any app these days, no matter how seemingly stand alone they originally appear to be.

“The addition of premium content on the app makes musical.ly a one-stop-shop for creating what we believe will be some of the world’s most entertaining short videos.”

Hearst Magazines Digital Media, NBCUniversal, and Viacom are among the companies who are currently teaming up with Musical.ly to make their short form original content a reality.

So far, only two shows have been announced as part of the apps expansion, and both seem to be reality show based entertainment.

We don’t yet know if they’re planning on further expanding in ways of content that consists of media leaning towards Fullscreen’s original series, or if they want to stay rooted in more user based original content that can be expand upon.

One thing is for sure though, Musical.ly is coming up as a platform to watch out for, especially because they have announced that all short form content will remain a free perk for users.

Free? That’s always a word we like to hear.


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