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You'll Never Believe The Free Swag Beauty Vloggers Get!

In a nearly 18-minute video, Tati Westbrook shares with her followers the beauty freebies PR companies and brands send to her.

The video opens with Tati sitting in front of dozens of boxes piled up pretty high. We knew goodies were regularly sent to vloggers, but this has us green with mailbox envy.

Some of the things she has recently been sent includes activated charcoal toothpaste, facial exfoliant, a CD from a fan, peel off nail polish, sparking wine, and even a crapload of beauty and hair products in a box filled to the brim, direct from L’Oreal.

Sally’s Beauty send her a box of products following a negative experience she had (along with a corresponding review stating as much) and encouraged her and her followers to take notice of their “love it or return it” guarantee policy. She mentions the brand was very gracious and kind even though she gave them a less than stellar review, and thanked them for being so supportive following the review.

Tati plans to use a lot of these goodies as giveaways on her site to “give back” to the fans that continue to support her.


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