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Twitter Suffers International Outage, Users Find It Hilarious

When there’s something to joke about, we head to Twitter. Want to complain about something? Tweet it. But what happens if the thing we want to complain about is Twitter itself, and it’s…DOWN?

Well, starting in the early hours of Friday morning, that is exactly the predicament that Twitter users across the globe were faced with.

What outage? I’ve been tweeting up a storm!

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you’re lucky. The west coast was pretty much spared of any Twitter trouble, while other areas of the globe experienced a variety of issues including sending messages, attaching images, and retweeting.

According to Down Detector, the outage had the biggest impact in Japan; Europe (especially the UK and France,) New York, and other spots along the East Coast. Reports indicate that this glitch was particularly annoying in the sense that the site would be up for 20 minutes..down for another 20…and so on. If anyone cracked open their laptop to sneak around the problem, it was soon clear that both the mobile and web versions were having problems.

twitter suffers international outage

via Down Detector

Twitter Support seemed to be on the case, acknowledging the issue with a tweet (from the west coast, we assume) around 5:30 am PST today.

While the app was down, there’s no doubt that users were furiously typing up and saving drafts in reaction to the debacle, with their thumbs ready to press “Tweet” as soon as they could. And boy was it worth the wait.

The best reactions

The good news is Twitter seems to be working fine now - just in time for the weekend. The bad news? With this being the fourth major Twitter outage of the year, so something tells us there are many LOL-worthy tweets like this in our future. (Nevermind, that’s just more good news.)


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