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Instagram Model Belittles VidCon Security Guard

Emotions and insults ran high at VidCon this year when Instagram model, Christian Burns, decided to completely and entirely berate a security guard at the venue.


It’s unclear what exactly went down before the conversation was caught on camera, but apparently security had to tackle someone, which ultimately sparked the unnecessary rage and disrespect from the Instagram model.

“You’re ugly as f*ck and irrelevant.”

We wish we could say that this was the worst of the hatred that came out of his mouth, but there were even more insults including Burns telling the security guard to kill himself.

After witnessing how this guard (Joseph Hernandez) was treated, Influencer, Louis Cole, was inspired to try and help give something back by encouraging his own followers to help them get Hernandez to a higher follower account than that of the kid who yelled at him.

Hernandez currently has over 65k followers on his Instagram, @djoes_the_kid, while Burns has either made his account private, or deleted mass amounts of content from it.

Looks like it really does pay to be nice, especially seeing as this current bit of anger did nothing but backfire in Burns face.

We wish that Hernandez didn’t have to go through that verbal abuse in order to gain the followers that he got, but hey, at least he can now walk away knowing that there are still good people in this world.

We hope that everyone else had a great VidCon without any sort of unfortunate incident like this one.