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You’re Not Going To Want To Miss Caspar Lee’s New Honest Interview

Ethan and Grayson Dolan just sat down with Caspar Lee for one of the most thoughtful and honest conversations we have maybe ever seen occur between YouTubers.

The actual video is 36 minutes long, and the boys talked about everything from Ethan’s conspiracy theory about how the world was created to their feelings on Jake Paul, and more interestingly, how they personally view life and the fame they’ve stumbled into.

The Dolan twins have always tried to stay as far away from drama as they can. At 17 years old, they’re often mistaken for older not only because, let’s be real, they look older, but because the way they carry themselves makes them feel as though they have a wisdom that is far beyond their years.

Caspar, in fact, continues to bring this point up throughout the interview by saying that he can’t believe they’re only 17 yet managing to have these types of deep conversations with him.

“I could sit with you all day, this is awesome. I’m truly inspired.”

Despite the fact that Ethan and Grayson do operate on a non-dramatic level via their social media, they are still very much so a part of the Influencer scene in the sense that they literally are Influencers. So how do they stay away from the drama that comes with it?

For starters, they really care about what type of content is being shown to not only their fanbase, but the younger audience that most YouTubers have.

“I’m not jealous of anybody, I’m happy for all their success, I just wish that they would use it in better ways sometimes…like flexing to a 12 year old demographic?” “It’s portraying a false sense of reality that’s unattainable, even for [YouTubers].”

They weren’t interested in calling anyone out, and even when faced with questions about what their actual relationship with Jake Paul is like, they both managed to remain the most diplomatic we’ve ever seen anyone be when having to talk about either Paul brother.

We hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but as it turns out, there’s no crazy underlying drama between Ethan, Grayson and Jake. Spoiler alert: he never even tried to sign them despite was Logan’s second verse claimed.

“Jake was a great friend of ours, I still believe the kid is a good person deep down. There’s some things I’ve seen that I don’t agree with. He’s said some things privately to other people who I know about us that I just don’t know why he said it.”

We continue to be impressed with how articulate Ethan and Grayson are. In a time of diss track takeovers, it’s especially refreshing to hear people speak from a place of actually trying to have a greater perspective for a situation outside of just themselves.

There is so much more to be said for this interview, so go check out Caspar Lee’s full vlog with the Dolan twins down below!