YouTube Keeps Their Promise To Fix Their Restricted Mode Settings

YouTube has kept good on their promise to work on their restricted mode feature after facing backlash when multiple LGBTQ+ videos were wrongly censored.


Fans and creators were livid with YouTube last month when they realized that LGBTQ+ videos were being censored through the restricted feature that the website offers. YouTube responded weakly at first, but ultimately released a lengthier statement claiming that they knew there were flaws in their system and that they resolved to fix them.

Some were still dissatisfied with the response and demanded that action be taken immediately, while other YouTubers suggested specific solutions, such as allowing users to be alerted once their video is censored.

It looks like YouTube took the unrest seriously, as they just announced that an engineering fix has allowed 12 million videos that were previously excluded to now appear in restricted mode.

These newly available videos are not just filled with LGBTQ+ content, but also feature many other videos containing varying content that was previously unfairly censored. Along with this, they have added a form to let people inquire and report about censored videos that they feel are being wrongly blocked.

YouTube has also clarified once again what kind of content is still being blocked in the restricted mode feature. Videos containing content such as drugs, alcohol, sex and violence are amongst the list that is still likely to be censored.

We wonder if there will be further updates that they plan to implement, but so far we think this is an excellent start.