Bae Of The Day: Corinne Foxx

Corinne Foxx - @corinnefoxx

The lovely Corinne Foxx is an American actress and model based in Los Angeles, CA. She is perhaps best known for being the beautiful daughter of actor Jamie Foxx and for winning Miss Golden Globe 2016. But after appearing in a few major runway shows and magazines in recent years, it seems that this aspiring actress is well on her way to stardom.

When you were a child did you know you wanted to be in the entertainment business? How did you get to where you are today?

“As a child, I always admired the entertainment business but I also saw the “real” side of it too. It’s a challenging business with a lot of sacrifices. I saw that at an early age and always aspired to go to college and get a degree, before pursuing the entertainment world. For me, education was a huge push for where I am today. As a daughter of a celebrity, you are pressured to drop everything and run to the entertainment business. But I really fought for my education and I feel like it has benefited me tremendously.”

What was it like growing up with a father like Jamie Foxx?

“My dad is a natural born entertainer. Growing up with him was like having front row tickets to a live performance all the time. He was always cracking jokes, doing skits, singing, playing the piano. It was so entertaining and inspiring to be around him all the time. He was definitely my creative push throughout these years, forcing me to think outside the box.”

What’s one lesson, saying, or thing your dad has taught you, you’ll never forget?

“He always taught me to save a little love for myself. Whether it’s in a relationship or a job, there is nothing that can take away your inner happiness. You could be broke, alone and miserable but still always have a little love for yourself.”

What’s one thing you are super passionate about, that most people don’t know?

“I’ve always been a writer, but I’ve never shared it with the world. It’s always been my little escape for myself. Anything from poetry to short stories to letters, I have always found peace in writing. Right now, I’m working on a big collaborative writing piece that I hope to get published soon. I’m keeping it a secret, though!”

You recently just walked in Kanye’s Yeezy Season 4, what was that experience like?!

“Kanye’s Yeezy Season 4 show was my first runway experience ever! The night before, I was just watching videos of Gigi Hadid walking down the runway - I was so nervous! But I couldn’t have asked for a better first show. Kanye was so hands on every step of the way and his artistry was truly inspiring. Best of all, I didn’t fall or trip! My biggest fear!”

Single or taken?! What’s your #1 turn off? What’s your number one turn on?

“I am happily taken! Sorry, boys! My #1 turn off is arrogance, nothing is worse! And my turn on is a musician, I’m still a sucker for a guy and his guitar.”

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to younger Corinne? 

“I’d tell younger Corinne that it gets better! Middle school and high school were tough times for me with mean girls and bullies. I always felt lesser than. I’d love to tell my younger self that there are so many amazing opportunities waiting for you! Just stick it out, be a good person and, trust me, those mean girls don’t end up so cool.”

What’s next for Corinne? What are some of your future plans or things you want to accomplish next?

“So now that I’ve received my degree, I’m focusing on becoming an actress! I have some absolutely amazing modeling campaigns coming out for 2017 - I cannot wait to share them with everyone! As well as, I’ve made a huge push in my writing and I’m hoping to get some op-ed pieces published soon. So check your TV, magazine or billboard - you just might see me!”

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