Bae All Day: Sheila Harris

Sheila Harris — @blondet0urage

Sheila Harris is a stunningly beautiful and talented professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles, California. Sheila recently worked with the company 138water, and her work has been featured on billboards all over Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

When you were a child did you know you wanted to be in the entertainment business? How did you get to where you are today? 

“Like any little girl, I loved the idea of wearing makeup! I was always going through my mom’s makeup drawer and experimenting with her lipsticks and eyeshadows. My mom was the person who actually encouraged me to try makeup. She thought it was a fun form of self-expression.  I remember in the 6th grade when I started wearing mascara and frosty colored lipgloss to school. Everyone thought it was such a big deal because their parents wouldn’t dare let them out of the house with makeup on! Neon Blue colored mascara was one of my go-to’s!”

How did you first get into doing makeup and hair? What’s one of the biggest things you’ve learned from being in the industry? 

“Cheerleading and Dancing were two very big reasons I got into makeup.  I started dancing when I was 5 and began cheerleading when I was 6. I loved being in full-face makeup with loads of glitter for competitions and recitals. When I was in high school, my mom and I owned our own All-Star cheerleading gym. That’s when I really started doing makeup on other people. We would travel around the country competing against different gyms, and I would do all of the hair and makeup for our teams. That’s when I really started to pursue makeup as a career.

“Being in the makeup industry, I’ve learned that there are so many different areas of makeup! beauty, corrective, theatrical / live performance, high fashion photographic, television, film, special effects makeup… the list goes on. The makeup and beauty industry offers so many opportunities for creative, unique individuals to make their mark on the world! I love that there is so much opportunity and room for growth.” 

You have worked with some interesting people in the past! What’s one of the most memorable stories or people you have worked with?

“I’ve worked with celebrities before, but one person stands out in particular. This person was on a reality show and was known as being “crazy” and a diva. I wasn’t told beforehand whose makeup I would be doing for the shoot, so when I was introduced to her I immediately recognized her. I was actually even a fan!  Let’s just say she lived up to her reputation!”

What’s one thing you are super passionate about that most people don’t know? 

“I am really passionate about helping others look and feel their best! Many women struggle with self-esteem issues, so being able to help them look their best, even if it’s just for a day, is very rewarding. I love that I’m able to show people that they are beautiful inside and out.”

If you could be anyone for a day (dead or alive) who would it be and why? 

“Hmmm that’s a tough one! I’ve always been infatuated by Lana Del Rey. For one, her winged liner is ALWAYS on point! Her persona is so mesmerizing and romantic, and, at the same time, so effortlessly cool. I love her old Hollywood/Americana-infused style. Basically, she can do no wrong in my eyes!” 

Single or taken?! What’s your #1 turn off? What’s your #1 turn on? 

“I’m single! My #1 turn off is when a guy is too ‘showy.’ You see a lot of that in LA. It’s just so cheesy to me. My #1 turn on is so cliche! I really like a guy who can make me laugh. He has to be quick and witty.”

What’s next for Sheila? What are some of your future plans?

“I’m interested in pursuing film/television makeup right now. I would love to get into the makeup artist Union and work on a television show! It’s a challenge and takes a lot of hard work to break into that part of the industry but its something that I look forward to accomplishing!”

If you were stranded on an island and could only bring two things with you what would it be and why? 

“I would definitely be bringing an Eagle Scout! He can tie the knots, build the shelter, and keep me away from poison ivy — and maybe even be cute!  Next, I would be bringing my 3D mink Lilly lashes. I don’t go anywhere without my Lilly lashes!”