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Caught On Snapchat! Seven Ladies Find Out They’re Dating The Same Guy!

Dating in the modern world is difficult AF. Mostly because social media adds a layer to the dating experience. Whether we like it or not, social media is ingrained in pretty much everything we do nowadays, and it may be harder than ever to date multiple people at once.

One guy discovered that the hard way, when he was caught on Snapchat by SEVEN women. They were all dating him, under the impression they were the only girl he was talking to.

Lemonade anyone?

Nathan, the man in this hilarious story, sent a group Snapchat message. He had no idea that a group chat would mean EVERYONE could see who it was sent to. The message said “Hey beautiful.”

Slow down Snapchat Casanova, then the gals decided to have some fun.

One of the girls renamed the group.

Nathan did the safest thing he could do and blocked all the ladies from social media and text. Charissa Harris says that although they had yet to meet in person, Nathan had them all under the exclusive label.

Since the situation, the ladies have actually remained friends and would love to meet IRL. Unfortunately, distance has prevented them from doing so.

We’re so happy to see these women unite for an honorable cause, so be honest!


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