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‘Couple-Ish’ Is a Must-Watch in Honor of Pride Month!

‘Couple-Ish’s is not one hundred percent new, but it’s a one hundred percent watch in honor of Pride Month! With new episodes delivered every Saturday, this is a non-binary show with great chutzpah that’s worth a watch in honor of Pride, or in honor of anything, really. It’s great content.

Both the show’s creator and the show’s lead are identify as non-binary, and use the “they” pronoun. The vlog device in the show feels fresh instead of tired here.

Dee and Rachel are living together (in a platonic… mostly kind of way). Things are going great until Rachel discovers Dee is using them and their cohabitation to stay in the country. To convince the government Dee wasn’t full-on lying they start a couples vlog (hence the title Couple-ish) and through running the vlog they realize they might have real feelings for each other- it’s a regular modern day Green Card except with two woke people instead of bumbling French guy (and we like it!)

With immigration and gender non-conforming lifestyles making the news on the reg, this show hits all the hot-button issues, while putting characters in your computer screen you are not yet seeing on television!

We give it nine “likes” on a ten “like” scale. Stream that shiz and feel more woke instantly!


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