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Extreme(ly) Queer Muslims Looks to Combat Homophobia!

This past week marked the anniversary of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The event was a horrific tragedy, but it hurt extra hard for queer Muslims when the shooter’s homophobia was tied to his faith. To combat these stereotypes, writer and filmmaker Dylan Marron started making Extreme(ly) Queer Muslims and it’s very good.

Marron simply interviews queer Muslims to help dispel the idea that Islam hates gay people.

Marron says of the show: “After the Pulse shooting in Orlando last year I witnessed a dangerous trend: some people were using a horrific act of violence enacted against the LGBTQ+ community as a tool to incite Islamophobia and xenophobia. I saw this on both a macro and a micro level.”

Thank you Marron for your continued voice and for speaking up!


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