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The Internet Is Showing Off Their Crazy Tan Lines

Summer is heading into full swing, which means it’s officially the season of weird tan lines and painful sunburns.


As a general preemptive warning for this article, we highly suggest that everyone take care of their skin, especially if they’re going to be out in the sun all day. Remember to wear sunscreen! Even if you tan easily, be mindful, your skin is fragile.

Having said that, Twitter users have begun to share their weird ‘body art’ in the form of bathing suit tan lines and sun burns.

But we’ve gotta wonder sometimes, what on earth could they have been wearing to make their burn pattern the reality that it is?

What on earth caused this burn? Was this from an innovative gladiator sandal or just an oddly specific yet accidental lack of sunscreen?

It’s not just Twitter though, Instagram users are also beginning to share their mishaps with the sun.

Getting some #weirdtanlines at work this week >< hehe

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Such a joyous day - finally my dreams of morphing into a giraffe have been realised! #giraffefeet #weirdtanlines

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So moral of this story? Be careful out there everyone, wear your sunscreen, enjoy the beach, watch out for sharks and make good choices.


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