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Elijah Daniel’s Gay Bible Causes Outrage, Hits #1, Gets Removed

In one of the most daring moves a former mayor has every done, Elijah Daniel just rewrote the Bible and changed it to be just a little bit gayer.

That’s right, it looks like Elijah didn’t let his impeachment squash his creativity in any way, but this time, people are straight up (no pun intended) losing their shit over what he’s done.

Elijah’s bible skyrocketed to the number one bestseller in the Christian eBooks and Bibles section on Amazon, but then suspiciously became unavailable for order pretty much right after that.

We honestly expected nothing less than for people to stand up and point at Elijah while screaming Satan. After all, we all remember how well his banning of straight people from Hell went over, right?

And let’s not even try to touch the irony with that one.

Still, besides the fact that the literal Church of Satan has been tweeting at the YouTuber, there have actually been quite a lot of positive reactions coming from people who have been struggling to come out, or who have already come out and have been alienated by their family and/or friends.

Over all, it seems like the glaring hypocrisy and irony that is so clearly being showcased here is really flying right over people’s heads, and a lot of Twitter users are not here for Elijah’s reimagining of Rihanna as a God. Regardless, we have some of the most noteworthy reactions to his new Bible down below.

We have no idea what to expect from Elijah next, but one thing is for sure, he’s got a lot of people’s attention.