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Jaclyn Hill Announces Palette Release Date, Wins “Influencer” Award All In One Day!

It’s been a good week for Jaclyn Hill!

Fridays are always pretty fun (hello weekend!), but it’s safe to say that superstar beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill had a much better day than the rest of us mere mortals. Not only did she bless us all with more information about her long-awaited palette, she also won an award at the CEW Beauty Awards! Keep scrolling if you want to know more!

The waiting game

Fans of the makeup guru have been waiting and waiting…and waiting for Jaclyn to announce the release date of the new palette she’s releasing in collaboration with Morphe Brushes. Even though she made the collaboration back in January, we haven’t gotten many updates since then. And finally,  WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE! Well….almost. 

Patience is a virtue, we guess?

Sorry everyone, it looks like we still have a bit more waiting to do. On June 5th, Jaclyn will be announcing the official release date for her Morphe Brushes palette. But after months of pushing the release date back, at least we now have a month? That’s something to be excited about, right?!

In March, Jaclyn had a talk with Women’s Wear Daily about the palette:

Via WWD.com

Clearly, this thing is her baby and she’s just spent a long time making it perfect. She also tweeted in April that she wants to make sure there’s enough in stock for everyone to buy it! In the meantime, Jacyln’s been giving us teasers on her instagram, using some of the shades in her personal looks.

#jaclynhillpalette on the eyes❤️ Faux Fur coat is @freepeople ?

A post shared by J A C L Y N ? (@jaclynhill) on

And if we can look like that, we are definitely getting our hands on that palette! Whenever it comes out…

But wait! What about that award?

Yes, we weren’t lying when we said Friday was a great day for Jaclyn. At the annual CEW Beauty Awards, she won the Most Buzzed About Beauty Influencer Award for her collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. (You know, that Champagne Collection Face palette you couldn’t get your hands on for, like, ever?) Both Jaclyn and Becca Cosmetics were thrilled by the news!


If her success with her Becca palette is any indication, we have a feeling that her new palette will be well worth the wait.


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