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Jeffree Star Opens Up About His Relationship

Jeffree Star just opened up about his relationship with boyfriend, Nate, in his most recent video.


About ten months ago, Nate’s brother named Zack moved to Los Angeles and moved in with the couple. Everything seemed to be going well between the three of them until earlier this month when Star announced, through a series of Snapchats, that Zack had moved back to Michigan.

This was all it took for the internet to immediately erupt with rumors that there was trouble in paradise.

In truth, Jeffree and Nate’s relationship has been picked apart since they first started posting videos together. Many of Star’s fans have made claims that they believe that Nate is just using him for his money, and that he does not really love Star.

“At the end of the day, do I really care what people say about me? No. But then it gets to a point where maybe I actually do on some subjects.”

The whole thing comes with the territory of being in the public eye, but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

In his new video, Star decided to do a ‘story time’ video instead of his usual makeup filled uploads, which mostly consisted of him giving his fans a deeper glimpse into his and Nate’s personal lives.

“I think a lot of people hate to see others happy. We’re at a very weird time in the world where other people’s success or happiness makes other people upset, jealous or angry, and I can’t really understand that.”

The video goes on to talk about how Jeffree and Nate met, as well as discussing the rumors about their relationship, ranging from finances to sexual orientation.

We highly suggest taking a look at the video below, because even if you’re not a fan of Jeffree Star, is offers a unique insight into the duality of living a life that exists both in front of the camera, and behind closed doors.

  1. Tracy says:

    I love the human in your being! I am a 48 year old hard-working Chicago suburban mother to three fabulous daughters that opened up my eyes to YouTube make up videos, etc. I love everything about you and your videos. The quality and honesty of your reviews and your soothing, easy to listen to voice. You just make me happy! I am a little tired this morning as I binge watched you all night! This video made me love you even more! Thank you for sharing 💗

  2. Katie Zita says:

    Wonderful, beautiful. Love this!

  3. Paula Jade Grioli says:

    im sorry jeffree since you were younger much younger you lived simply lived off social media you dont know any other way to live,.many ceo’s of fledling companies do not keep going on like spoilt materialistic whiners like you,you take drugs on camera you talk about cock.is that a ceo??no your brand your make up is a one of a kind and i keep buying it since its good.stop this obsession with louis vuitton cars that are rented a plane thats rented a house thats rented you end relationships and friendships liek they meant nothing nate does live off you you gave him a job in your factory and then he hangs out on his skateboard.sorry”straight”boys like nate see you as a female surrogate ive been there done that.its not a keeper you have always had an obsession with so called straight boys i personally think youre transitioning.your face has feminized.your hairline you got rid of facial hair.ahem thats all the signs..gurl i adore your hootzpah but you need to lessen your posts and fixate on your brand

  4. yeet says:

    laura lee is quaking

  5. juon says:

    Paula Jade, for realz. I sure as fuck hope not because any of us who’ve been in the places Jeferee has, want to see him happy and succeed (unless we are resentful psychopaths) especially those of us who did what we had to gay/ straight/broke/ w/e to get to a better quality of life. Hugs

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