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Logan Paul Just Dropped His Official 'Hero' Music Video

In a bold attempt to break the internet, Logan Paul just put one of his superfans in an all gold track suit and recorded a music video with him.


Noah, also known as the 10 year old boy who publicly announced that Paul was his hero, was recently flown to Los Angeles by Logan himself to recreate his ‘Hero‘ music video with Paul as his companion.

TrendingAllDay’s very own Sebastian A. Guerra was on set to direct the masterpiece that is now the official ‘Hero‘ music video.

Complete with drone shots, luxury cars and an all gold statue, the ‘Hero‘ video is pretty much everything we expected it would be. In his vlog leading up to the official drop, Paul made some pretty wild statements about how many views he’s hoping the video gets.

“We’re literally about to shatter the internet, I’m not even kidding. I want this to get 180 million views.”

While we think he was probably exaggerating quite a bit, nothing is impossible. After all, the video is already at over 4 million views and has been up for less than 24 hours.

If you haven’t already watched, make sure to check out the ‘Hero‘ music video as well as Logan’s vlog to catch Sebastian, who happens to be rocking our TrendingAllDay Olympic Week shirt throughout the whole thing.


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