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Los 5 Hooks Us Up With An Exclusive And We Learn What's On Their Spotify Playlist!

We recently spoke with music’s newest gentlemen, Los 5 for an exclusive interview!

We enjoyed talking to them so much, we wanna make sure you’ve got your ears tuned in to what gives these guys inspiration! Trending All Day is bringing you the Scanning Spotify of the boys of Los 5! While we didn’t get to pick which songs were their favorite, we know what bands and artists you can expect to find, which is also in clear display when you listen to their music!

Here’s what the guys are listening to on their collective Spotify list!

  1. Ed Sheeran

2. J. Balvin

3. Arcangel

4. Maluma

5. Bruno Mars

We’re sure this mix of music is sure to spice things up for new music from the band!



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