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Sprinkle Of Glitter’s Louise Pentland Just Announced She’s Pregnant

Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter just made the huge announcement on her blog and her main YouTube channel. With the rise in clickbait titles, viewers were not expecting the video titled “My New Baby” to be news about an actual baby! Viewers commented that they were expecting some news about her upcoming book Wilde Like Me.

Louise has been pretty quiet about the men in her life after her divorce from longtime partner and father of her daughter Darcy, Matt. Matt made many appearances in videos and social media posts until their amicable divorce in 2014. Since then she has told her fans about her boyfriends but has never actually shown them in any videos or posts until 2 days ago when she finally posted a picture with current boyfriend Liam.

Sprinkle of Glitter fans have watched her raise adorable daughter Darcy, who turned 6 this year, and now they’ll get to see Darcy become a big sister. We at Trending are super excited for Louise, Liam and Darcy!

Louise says she plans on doing some baby related videos in the future, although she says she won’t be doing week to week updates. What are some baby videos you would like to see from Louise?? Let us know!


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