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Did Matt Cutshall & Arielle Just Confirm Their Relationship?

It looks like Matt Cutshall and Arielle Vandenberg just confirmed what we had always hoped to be true- they are in fact a couple.


The Instagram duo have notoriously appeared in each others videos and pictures, which had long ago sparked rumors of romance. The only thing that had previously been confirmed though was that they were best friends, and each others greatest supporters.

Cutshall even once posted that Arielle was literally his first follower.

UHH-KAY Cutie!!! You make me happy! ❤️

A post shared by Arielle Vandenberg (@arielle) on

The truth is that we are amazed that they managed to ‘officially’ keep the relationship a secret for so long. Despite speculations and being ‘shipped’ by their fans, the couple truly did skate right over those rumors while still openly spending what seemed like all of their time together.

Ya, she liked me this whoooole time ??❤️❤️❤️ #OKCUUUTIEEEE

A post shared by Matt Cutshall (@mattcutshall) on

Cue our we’re dying alone existential crisis over how cute they are.

We hope that this announcement means we get to see more cute coupley pictures of the two, but we’re also dying to know how long they have officially been dating. Weeks? Months? Years?!

No matter how long its been, we truly wish them the best and hope that they continue on being their hilarious selves.

Fun thing to do with your friends; ask for a piggyback ride then start peeing.

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