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Sports Continues To Grow With The Merging Of ESports And Live Sports

The passion for sports is one that is growing, and one that has two sports worlds colliding.

We all know what a live sport is: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc. The world of physical athleticism and strategy, teamwork and everlasting memory is one that has been celebrated for generations. From the very first game of baseball to last year’s exciting Superbowl comeback. Some of us play sports, others enjoy watching and even coaching. It’s a world that brings people of different backgrounds together, all for the passion of sports.

Now another community is joining the party, Esports.

What is esports? If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the athleticism and strategy of live sports brought in to a world dominated by technology. It’s online gaming taken to another level, with professional tournaments, sponsors, and yes, trophies and cash prizes.

It’s become so big that former NFL player Jordan Kent has taken his talents to this year’s E3 to do live broadcasting! The line between these two worlds is fading with every move such as this one. Through the powerful world of social media, Kent was asked to call the tournaments as a play-by-play announcer.

We’re glad to see that the sports world is entering a new era!


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