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Weekend Watch: Rachel Scanlon’s ‘Hot and Hungry’

Rachel Scanlon is a new kid on the block. She’s from Minnesota, and she will tell you all about it in her new Fullscreen stand-up special, ‘Hot and Hungry.’ In Minnesota she feels fit, and in LA, people worry if she has a thyroid (not a thyroid problem, just a thyroid).

Also, can we just say how much we love the trailer for Rachel’s special?! It’s a brilliant take down of Paris Hilton’s burger ads all while being very on-brand for this red-headed dyke from the Midwest (her words, not ours).

Scanlon is best known for her work with “Apologies in Advance with Andrea Russett” also on Fullscreen. As Russett’s sidekick, Rachel does not get to fully shine, and it’s refreshing to hear her voice in full (pun may or may not be intended) on this special.

We dig this stand-up special from the digital streaming premium masters at Fullscreen and we hope it’s just the beginning- both for Fullscreen and for the hysterical Scanlon.


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