Bae Of The Day: Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley - @Tashoakley

Natasha Oakley is a swimwear and beauty blogger from the ‘Land Down Down Under’ aka Sydney, Australia. She is also a model, who regularly graces the covers of well known magazines and high end brands such as Cosmopolitan and Gucci

You will regularly see Natasha Oakley alongside best friend, business partner and previous Bae of the Day, @DevinBrugman. They have successfully launched themselves as social media elites through their own business ‘A Bikini A Day’. 

(Can you say hotties!?) 

Natasha aims to inspire and encourage woman of all ages and sizes to love their skin and embrace what they got!

Our gorgeous bae is most passionate about photography, travel, fashion, and of course all things bikini! 😉

Take a look at some more photos of this bronzed Bae of the Day!

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