Bill Nye The Science Guy Is Now Streaming

For any 90s kids out there, Bill Nye was pretty much the only reason anyone passed science class. On his legendary PBS show, Bill Nye,the Science Guy, the scientist helped explain the world in ways that kids could understand.

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Bill Nye the comeback-guy

11 years after Bill Nye, the Science Guy was taken off the air, the likable scientist is back and better than ever. As of Friday, 90s babies and teenagers alike can all enjoy Bill’s new show, Bill Nye Saves The World, exclusively on Netflix. And man, he is coming out swinging.

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According to Vulture: “We’re going to be talking about important, perhaps even controversial issues,” [Bill Nye] promises. He then dives into a season of controversies, confronting misconceptions about climate change, anti-vaccination conspiracies, artificial intelligence, and more.

Bill Nye has been in the news a lot more recently, having become an active participant in fighting against climate change denial. He is well known for his debates against modern skeptics, like Tucker Carlson from Fox News. (In case you’ve missed the cringe-worthy exchange, you can check it out below.)


Nye on Netflix

Now, Bill’s new Netflix show is definitely biased. While it explores science from all angels, the show definitely assumes that most of its viewers are believers in climate change. Even though the show has its flaws and biases, it’s safe to say it was a massive hit on social media. Check out some of Twitter’s best reactions to Bill Nye Saves The World below.




So, it looks like it’s safe to say this girl knows what she’s talking about: