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Elijah Daniel Is Spilling The Tea About Ayo And Teo

Oh shit, Elijah Daniel is already spilling the tea this morning and it’s piping hot.

After Tweeting out that he was going to be performing with Ayo and Teo at his first ever official concert as Lil Phag for New Years Eve, the excitement quickly died when Elijah let everyone know that he was kicked off the lineup because apparently his lyrics were ‘too gay’.

First he thought that it was their manager doing all the dirty work behind their backs, but turns out that Ayo and Teo themselves were the ones who wanted him kicked off the show.

Fans of Elijah quickly came forward to ask the hard questions.

Listen, there’s a lot wrong with this, but let’s just start off with the fact that we’re not trying to begin 2018 with a performance that’s already associated with homophobia.

Secondly, how embarrassing is this for Ayo and Teo? Apparently they could only sell 7 tickets to their show, which is why they brought Elijah on to perform in the first place — and now they’re kicking him out? How could they not know that he’s gay and that his lyrics are filled with ‘gay shit’? Did they just spin in a circle and point at a list of names and land on him?

His rap name is Lil Phag, did they think that this was ironic? Better yet, did they think that this was supposed to be some sort of slur? Because if that’s the case then this goes a whole lot deeper than just ignorance if you know what we mean.

Ayo and Teo have not yet responded to any of Elijah’s accusations, but we’re dying to see how many people actually turn up to their concert now.


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