Lindsey Stirling’s ‘Brave Enough’ Is Your Inspiring Weekend Watch

YouTube Red has had some big releases in the past month, and Lindsey Stirling’s Brave Enough is no exception. With the same team behind Katy Perry and Justin Bieber doc movies, the quality of the film is outstanding.

The doc also gives fans a glimpse into Lindsey’s real life with lots of footage from childhood enhancing the idea of a tough journey to the top. Stirling’s commitment to hard work in the face of personal tragedy is incredibly inspiring.

This incredible talent is a YouTube billionaire for a reason. We smell Emmy, or maybe even streamy for this amazing doc. If you need one more reason to watch, take it from Lindsey herself:

“Life is not one journey to a destination. It’s a constant battle to stay optimistic even if you’ve been hurt multiple times.” The scars can either make you hard or make you strong - and we all have that choice. It’s a climb, but you can rise past your trials and be brave.”