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Bae All Day: Genny Beaulieu

Genny Beaulieu - @Gennybeaulieu

Today our Bae All Day is Genny Beaulieu, the lovely and smart woman impressively balancing her career in modeling with pursuing a degree in law.

Tell us about who you were in high school compared to today? What would you tell your teenage self if you could go back in time?

Oh Gosh. I would definitely remind myself that the small things don’t matter, that everything is for a reason and that I’ll always get exactly where I need to be. To focus on me & follow my path without worrying about what anyone else says.

Studying law takes a lot of dedication. How do you find time to work on your singing career and continue modeling?

It really is more than a full time thing. Getting my law degree is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done; it means studying every single day— without exception. At least a month before exams & during I’m at the library from 9am-10pm every single day. It gets really tough doing the same thing every day because I’m the kind of person who likes to move around and do new things, but you adapt. So during exam period I’m basically out of action.. but during the rest of the year I manage! During weekends I record or shoot, and during the summer I try to pack in as much work as possible. I usually have my books with me & manage to study while I’m traveling or while I’m getting ready.

If you could create you own oasis where would it be and what would you take there with you?

It would look a lot like bora bora! Lol.. But it would have to have a Disney world near by. Thats my fav place. I wonder what I would take with me..  books are definitely a necessity! I’d make sure to have my copy of the Power of Attraction for sure. A Sketching pad and pencils too. Oh and my kitten, Gabbana. She goes everywhere with me! She’s sooo cute, she loves to travel! My friends and family would also be a must.

On a given night, are you more likely to do a dinner and movie or stay in to Netflix and chill?

Both!! Some nights it feels so great to get ready and go out for a nice dinner, be in public, explore a little bit and see new faces. I hate staying in the house for too long.. Sometimes I’ll look for an excuse to go run errands just so I can be around people 🙈.  Other days, it can be so nice to stay in, be all comfy, natural and just chill with the people you love while having some comfort food and watch your favourite movie.. It really just depends on the day and how I’m feeling; you never know with me!

Single or taken? And who’s your celebrity crush?

Single! And RIHANNA!!!

What’s your #1 turn off?

Rude or Judgemental people.

What’s your # 1 turn on?

Talented people. Also - definitely someone hardworking and intelligent. I don’t have much in common with someone who’s had everything handed to them.

Looking toward the future, what are some of your plans in the pipeline and what do you want to accomplish next?

I’ll be releasing my first EP very soon! For those of you whom don’t know what that is, its kind of like an album. Most of my songs are R&B/Trapsoul vibes, but theres gonna be one or two pop songs in there as well. I can’t wait to show all of you! Right now I’ve been focusing mostly on my music; it’s all I want to do. It’s like, I feel like I was put on this earth to make music you know? So that really has been my main focus lately. I’m also working on new collaborations with some great companies on my Instagram though, which is cool too. And of course I’ll be completing my law degree!


Photography by @ElsaJabre

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