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United Airlines Violently Forces Passenger Off Of Flight

Another day, another United Airlines scandal.


This one is quite disturbing though, so be forewarned that the video posted below might be upsetting to some people.

This morning on a United Airlines flight waiting to take off from Chicago, a passenger was violently and forcibly removed from his seat after declining to depart the flight.

Now at first, when you think about someone refusing to leave a flight, you think that maybe they did something wrong. That was definitely not the case in this instance.

Multiple passengers have reported that after United flight 3411 overbooked their passengers, they asked for volunteers to leave the flight. When no one volunteered, they then randomly selected multiple people to depart.

The man in question, who can be seen bleeding and dragged from his seat, said that he did not want to volunteer to board another flight because he was a doctor, and he had patients waiting for him.

In this particular instance, it doesn’t really matter what the details surrounding his reasoning for not wanting to get off the flight were. The point is that it was ultimately United’s fault for overbooking, and most importantly, the way they handled the situation was disgusting, and unable to be defended.

King Bach even took up the cause, challenging United via Twitter:

This instance has come soon after United found themselves under fire for denying two girls access to their flight, due to the fact that the leggings they were wearing did not math United’s dress code policy.

Many more details involving the legging situation have since come out, with some explaining that it was not the leggings, but the types of passes the girls had, which made it so that they were ‘representatives’ of the airline.

Like we said before though, all of this is starting to not matter because more and more people are beginning to worry about whether or not they are going to be disrespected or physically assaulted if they fly United.

The legging incident is nothing compared to the treatment of the man in this video. After instantly going viral, United offered two very weak responses to those demanding answers.

There’s little for us to say in regards to the matter because the video speaks for itself. There is no reason this should have come to a physical altercation.

We hope that United Airlines is forced to face consequences for this and that the man seen in the video is healing and doing well.

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