The Great Cow Escape Of 2017

Does anyone remember the great llama escape of 2015? Well it has happened again except this time, it’s cows.


Yesterday, 6 cows escaped from a slaughterhouse in Missouri, and Twitter (similar to the cows themselves) had a reason to feel alive again.

We gotta say, one of the best part about animals successfully escaping captivity is just how completely incapable all the humans in charge of recapturing them seem to become. All of a sudden their one job starts to look more and more impossible, and in best case scenarios, the whole thing is often live streamed.

The pure joy we got from seeing four police cruisers NOT be able to successfully corner a cow is a high we wish we could ride forever. We don’t even know if it’s the fact that we were actively rooting for the cows, or were just thrilled to see an underdog story unfold before our eyes.

The cows themselves may have actively been evading capture, but the hearts of Twitter users were not. Many expressed their feelings that, considering everything, the cows deserved to run free.

We would love to meet the cows that managed to destroy the internet while simultaneously looping in police chases, animal activists, and budding comedians.

Ultimately, all of the cows were successfully wrangled once again, but it left many dispirited after hoping that somehow they would manage to lose the police. Not only was the internet on pins and needles keeping up to date with the chase, but people literally came out in person to take videos, and protest that the animals not be slaughtered.

We’re hoping that for the next great animal escape, they make it all the way.