‘T@gged’ is Murder Mystery For The Insta Obsessed

Go90 and Awesomeness TV’s t@gged has a great hook of a premise. Three very different teen girls (two of whom used to be close friends) get tagged in a video showing a young girl shot dead.

The show starts out dealing with high school archetypes. Rowan’s the goody-goody virgin with a cop for a dad. Hayley and Rowan used to be BFF (and possible lesbian lovers) but now Hayley’s rolling with the wrong crowd and doing drugs. Then there’s skater girl Elisia who the girls have never met until the bizarre video tagging.

The show smoothly blends social media posts into the murder mystery as the girls use their phones as any teen would. Soon the girls are being stalked by “monkeyman” online and are all in to solve the mystery of the tagged video.

Lia Marie Johnson stars as Hayley and knows a thing or two about living your life online. She’s made a career of it.

Of the show, Johnson has said it’s a cautionary tale about what you do put out there. Fans of Pretty Little Liars, Black Mirror, or any good mystery will enjoy binging this one. All eps are up on Go90 and Awesomeness’ YouTube channel. We give it 8 “Likes” on our ten “Like” scale.


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